1956 born in Bremen
since 1969 residence in Munich
1975 art college in Munich five months as trainee for technical drawings in an german/iranian architects' studio in Teheran/Iran (architects studio G.Gregorian)
1976-84 encounter with indigenous people of multiple continents in south east asia and USA major influence on artist's future work
1976 Afghanistan: visit in context with cultural assests (e.g. in Bamyan)
India and Nepal: confrontation with povery, spirituality and the will to survive
1977 USA: aquisition of indian art work (bead-weaving and study of patterns from Navajo/Hopi Tribes)
1979 Mexico and Guatemala: installations with textile fabrics in dialogue with landscape
1984 Egypt: photography of mankind and landscape in Cairo and outskirts Thailand: manufacture of jewellery objects inspired by the Meo-Tribe in northern Thailand
Thailand: manufacture of jewellery objects inspired by the Meo-Tribe in northern Thailand
1984-89 conception and installation of stage lighting for rock concerts clubs, halls and open air in Munich, London, Birmingham, Isle of Man (e.g. Steve Gibbens Band, Wally Warning, Freaky Fuckin' Weirdos)
1988-97 foundation of the jewellery label <Hofmann/Groos> with the jeweller Julia Groos
1997 opening of YUMARO Art Studios in Munich-Schwabing, creation of metall objects
1999 conception of the exhibition project Pla.Net in cooperation with Gabrio Rossi: interpretation of the topic unity and mutual interdependence of all beings
2001 foundation of Atelier CIELO 11 in Munich – until today the centre of creating artwork and vivid exchange with other artists
2002-05 development and management of the art project ‘KunstTranspor’ organisation of art happenings in the Munich underground (Fluxus Art) conception and realisation for exhibition ’TransportKunst’ composition of the performance ‘compassion-enlightenment-consciousness’
2005 idea and realisation of the for the national garden show BUGA '05 in Munich in response to the Tsunami catastrophy in south-east Asia the exterior of a streetcar was designed with floral motives and the interior was decorated with original fresh - and later withering flowers manufactured by people in Thailand art intervention ‘water means life’ sales revenue of flower arrangements from ‘flower-tramway’ supported the drilling of drinking water wells in Sri Lanka.
2006 conception of ‘Respect-Ribbon’ for soccer world championship conception of ‘look into my eyes – listen to my voice’ in cooperation with the video artist Gisela Grosse and the composer Joe Mubare
2008 launch of the homepage
2010 art-prize for the work , Moor-Villa Freimann